Parents often dread taking their little ones to the doctor to get shots, but incredibly, some doctors manage to make the experience fun for their tiny patients.

Kids in the U.S. get dozens of shots in the first years of their lives, and any parent can tell you how difficult it is to watch our precious children burst into tears as soon as those needles come into sight. Yet some pediatricians seem to have a knack for making this necessary process as much fun as possible.

In fact, some are so good, the babies don’t even realize they’re getting shots until it’s all over!

Credit: Reddit.

The doctor in this video must have mastered the bedside manner portion of medical school because he’s got this distraction technique down pat. As his adorable infant patient sits on dad’s lap, the doctor proceeds to sing a silly song with no lyrics, all while making funny faces and concentrating solely on making the little boy laugh.

Using a serious of “boop!” sounds, the doctor slips a shot into the chunky little thigh before he even knows what happened! Then, before he can think twice, out comes the bubble blower to shower the little guy in happy bubbles.

In another viral video, a different doctor uses his own silly approach to keeping his toddler patient happy. They’ve clearly been having a lot of fun in the exam room before mom started videotaping, and the little boy is giggling merrily as the doctor pretends to give himself an injection in his own thigh.

doctors who make kids laugh during shots

Credit: YouTube.

After a few moments, the funny doc manages to slip in not one, but two separate injections into the little kid’s thighs. Just when he starts to whimper and cry a bit, the doctor uses a hysterically silly and simple approach to distract him: he grabs his tissues and starts pulling them out and tossing them gently at the child.

Credit: YouTube.

“We need tissues! We need tissues!” The doctor says with mock-importance. As fluffy white tissues float around the toddler and cover his little face, he suddenly forgets all about the pinpricks he just felt and starts giggling all over again!

Credit: YouTube.

It’s amazing how far a little bit of silliness can get you! These doctors have truly found their right calling; they definitely love working with kids, and they’re great at knowing exactly what makes their tiny patients laugh.

Watch this sweet little guy giggle while getting shots in the video below, and don’t forget to share with a parent you know!


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