A woman who is going under the alias “Melissa Smith” never really believed in the paranormal… until one frightening night changed everything.

In September 2016, the mother of two suffered a miscarriage. That same evening, she claims some very spooky encounters began taking place inside her Toronto home.

Toys would randomly turn on and off. Doors would slam. Sippy cups would suddenly drop inside the sink. The lamp cord on her bedside would move without reason.

Then came the most creepy occurrence of all.

Melissa heard a noise on her 8-month-old daughter Leah’s baby cam, so she clicked on the camera feed and saw what looked like another baby peering into the crib! It definitely wasn’t a doll because Leah only had stuffed animals in her room. As the face remained on the screen, the infant seemed to try and wriggle away inside the cot and bury her face in the corner.

Horrified, Melissa frantically ran upstairs to grab her. This time, she was certain there was a ghost inside her house. But not just any ghost — Melissa believed she and her family were being haunted by her unborn baby.

Melissa showed the footage to her friends, who were so freaked out they urged her to move away.

Is it the spirit of the child we lost? I’ll let someone else decide.”

Source: littlethings.com.

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