When Emily Chell and her fiance, Wayne Barratt, found out they were expecting their first child, they were over the moon with excitement. The handsome young couple already knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other – but now they had a little boy to join along in the adventure!

Fortunately, Emily’s pregnancy was relatively uncomplicated and she waited patiently as her due date inched closer. While her schedule was open around the time of her son’s birth, there was one day she couldn’t have the baby: the date of her sister’s wedding.

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Since her sister’s wedding was three weeks before the due date, Emily thought that everything would be fine. But when her water broke the night before the ceremony, panic washed over her. How would she be able to give birth and make it to her sister’s wedding? It was downright impossible.

In an interview with The Sun UK, Emily shared what happened that fateful evening and detailed the deal she struck with her doctor.

“It was about 10 pm and my mum drove me home because my neighbor is a midwife. About midnight my neighbor told me I should go to the hospital, so she drove me and I just kept telling the doctors I had to go to the wedding…

The doctors kept telling me if there were no complications and he was born by 7 am we would make it. Even though he was born at 7:10 am they let us go.”

Nearly seven hours after arriving at the hospital, Emily and Wayne ran off to the church with their newborn son. There was no way she was going to miss her sister’s wedding!

Facebook/Emily Olivia Chell .

Even though she was 10 minutes late to the ceremony, they held up for her and made sure the procession was in order. Emily said she got a round of applause when she walked down the aisle with Brody in her arms – everyone was shocked (and impressed) that she made it.

“We’d called ahead and someone had brought my bridesmaid dress there so as soon as I got there I put Brody in his crib and jumped in the dress. I was ten minutes late but people had waited for me so I walked down the aisle holding Brody. Everyone cheered when we walked in.

It was a lovely moment.”

Thankfully, the wedding was a smashing success and Emily was there for her sister – but now she thinks little Brody had a reason for coming early.

“I don’t know if it was the excitement of the wedding [that caused labor] but we joked that Brody didn’t want to miss out.”


If Brody’s already stealing the spotlight as a newborn, we can only assume he’ll continue to do so as the cutest baby ever! We wish Emily, Wayne and Brody nothing but the best during this exciting time.

Source: Faithtap .

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