Video Credit: Facebook | JukinVideo.

Cuteness overload! In this adorable video, a toddler and his canine friend invent a new way of playing fetch.

Dogs love playing fetch. They like to have a ball or toy thrown to them so that they can chase after it and retrieve it for their human owners.

This footage shows a toddler and a corgi having fun in the sun, playing fetch.

Instead of throwing the ball to the dog, the boy, wearing a diaper, places it on the tee and hits it with his baseball bat in an open field.

It is so fun! This tot has a knack for swinging a bat!

His furry friend eagerly runs to fetch the ball. The dog picks the ball up with its mouth and brings it back to the little human.

Following this successful attempt, the tot puts the ball back on the tee again.

However, things don’t work out during his second attempt.

The tot hits the ball with all his might, but…

What happens in the end?

Well, you’ve got to watch the video to find out; it’s totally adorable!


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