Credit: Youtube .

You only have to watch a few seconds of baby Leo nodding off to see why the video, although more than three years old, is once again making the rounds on the Web.

In the clip, the adorable little guy tries to stay awake before heading on a car trip with his mom, grinning and giggling each time he wakes up.

However, some YouTube commenters expressed concern about Leo’s car seat strapped into the front seat of the car.

“Thanks for the concern,” Lisa Jones, the person who uploaded the video writes, “but there wasn’t an airbag in the passenger side of this vehicle. Leo was totally safe and legal and I tightened his straps before we set off on our journey.”

Of course, we can’t talk about adorable sleeping baby videos without mentioning the classic clip showing 6-month-old Yerin having an epic fight with sleep. As HuffPost editor Christine Friar previously noted, the baby is “capable of conveying the way that everyone feels.”

Soucre: Huffingtonpost .

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