Video Credit: YouTube | AiirSource Military.

Have you ever seen a helicopter transported in an airplane before? Well, this video comes close, as you’ll see an attack helicopter getting unloaded from a massive airlifter.

The military equipment used by armed forces around the world is undeniably impressive. Standing in front of the Leopard battle tank or the anti-aircraft weapon system S-400 Triumf, one feels like a dwarf.

Now imagine the sheer size of an aircraft to transport such monster machines and then check out this video.

The military men seen in this footage are preparing to unload an AH-64 Apache helicopter from a C-17 Globemaster III.

This rotary-wing aircraft is not lightweight. Weighing 5,165 kilograms (approx. 11,386 pounds) and with a length of 18 meters (approx. 59 feet), it easily fits into the colossal cargo space of the C-17.

The crew take their time to unload the Apache for obvious reasons, and one might be the price tag. No one wants to be responsible for damaging a $30 million aircraft.

Watch the video to see how it’s done and to marvel at these awesome military aircraft.


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