We’ve all been in the situation where you’re having so much fun, you don’t want it to end. For an adult it might be a beach vacation – but for a child or dog it could be something as simple as a day at the park. And who can blame them? With all the fresh air and friends to meet there’s just nothing like it! However, at some point parents have to pull the plug and get everyone home for dinner, whether everyone likes it or not.

Credit: YouTube  .

In the video below a pet owner has his Golden Retriever at a crowded park. It looks like a beautiful day, so surely the dog had an awesome time being outdoors for playtime. That’s why unsurprisingly when dad decides it’s time to leave – the pooch isn’t too happy. In fact, it lays right there on the ground belly up, completely refusing to go along! The park patrons watch and laugh as dad’s forced to go back to get the dog moving. But it’s not about to give up just yet!

Credit: YouTube .

With numerous pairs of eyes on him the owner takes off the collar and tries walking away. Nope, the Retriever still won’t budge. He returns again only to have the dog go back into being belly up. The crowd continues to laugh and comment at the scene before them – it’s really too cute for words! Watch the video below to see the end of dad and his pet’s park stand-off, which is sure to have you cracking a smile.

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